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  • Dinosaur or Unicorn Christmas Eve Box
  • Dinosaur or Unicorn Christmas Eve Box

Woodlands Themed Christmas Eve Box


The idea of a Christmas Eve box is to give it to the children to open on Christmas Eve (examples of things you can add can be found below)

  • Made from raw 3mm mdf- laser cut
  • Measures approx 30cm square when assembled x  18cm high
  • Comes assembled and glued (expect the plaque in case you wish to paint it) or
  • Unassembled for you to decorate and assemble- instructions included
  • Plaque measures 28cm square 
  • “s” is automatically added eg: Sarah we will make into Sarahs

Style Plaque and Box


Name For Plaque (one only)

Text Selection * 


Welcome to the craze!!
Gorgeous idea for the little ones to build the anticipation for Christmas Eve! This is also a perfect prop for your elf on a shelf.
The idea of a Christmas Eve box is to give it to the children (you could have one per family or one each!) To open on Christmas Eve. Some ideas to put inside your child’s box (not included with the box) would be:

  • A new pair of pjs
  • A Christmas movie/dvd
  • A Christmas book
  • A snack to eat for the movie
  • Hot chocolate to make them sleep for Santa
  • A Santa key to let Santa in if you don’t have a chimney (we sell these also)
  • Some reindeer food
  • A small gift to open

Let your imagination run wild(as kids do for Christmas)! They will love it. The bonus is it can be used year after year!

  • Choose from Christmas Eve Box or just Christmas Box with your child’s name
  • Made from 3mm mdf and measures approx 30cm square  assembled x 18cm high. Comes assembled or unassembled, the choice is yours
  • Plaque measures 28cm square
  • Shoe box style lid
  • If choosing unassembled, instructions will be included and you will need general PVA glue

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 cm
Style Plaque and Box

Fox With Box Assembled, Fox With Box Unassembled, Raccoon With Box Assembled, Raccoon With Box Unassembled, Owl With Box Assembled, Owl With Box Unassembled


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