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Elf Door-Christmas- Elf On The Shelf

$24.15  incl. tax 

Your ELF ON THE SHELF has to have some way to get to the Northpole and back without Santa right!!? Well here is his magical door that leads straight from your wall to the northpole!(wink wink!)

Let the magic begin when your child sees the elfs secret door to the northpole. Elf can use this to enter to start the season off and leave at the end! Or leave it the whole of december and it can be his way of getting messages back to Santa when the kids are sleeping!

  • Two piece set which consists of a solid 3mm backing board and the “door” which is also 3mm MDF.
  • Easy to paint and then glue together to give an illusion of a 3d effect.
  • Simply adhere it to the bottom of your skirting board(or wherever you like really!) with some blue tack or double sided tape to quickly and easily “make his door appear”.
  • Measures approx 35cm tall.
  • Raw unpainted

Additional information

Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 37 × 30 × .01 cm