Guest Book Alternatives

Small Plain Solid Hearts Various Sizes

$0.22$7.70  incl. tax 

  • Small Plain solid hearts- various sizes
  • These hearts are perfect if your needing to add additional hearts to  your drop box or a guest book alternative. Or any other project you are making
  • Available in various sizes,check out the drop down menu for size options
  • All hearts are laser cut from 3mm MDF

Individual Puzzle Pieces

$1.10  incl. tax 

  • Each piece is made from 3mm MDF(wood)
  • Approx 4.5cm square
  • Has little hearts which slot in together to join your puzzle.
  • Price is per piece
Now available with heart shaped notches as per the image or rounded regular notches

We Do- Favor or Invitation Add On

$2.20$2.75  incl. tax 

  • We heart Do with one short date engraved on the heart
  • Perfect for the front of your invitations or to place on tables
  • Made from raw 3mm MDF with engraved date
  • Available in 10cm wide x 6.2cm tall or 12cm wide x 7.5cm tall
  • Size is overall product size in total- sold individually

Personalised Double Heart Drop Box with name set-Guest Book alternative

$148.50  incl. tax 

Gorgeous idea for a guest book alternative. Simply have your guests sign a heart and drop it in for long lasting memories.

  • Personalised with either one full name(eg first and last name) or two first names in the format of "name&name" or Mr & Mrs surname
  • Comes with 100 3.5cm hearts or 150 3cm hearts
  • Laser cut from a mix of 3 & 6mm MDF (wood)
  • Measures approx 60cm wide x 40cm tall Please read full description below before ordering

Single Heart Drop Box And Name Set On Stand

$121.00$137.50  incl. tax 

  • Single heart drop box on a stand with engraved centre heart and also two names or Mr & Mrs surname which slot into the stand in front of the drop box
  • Have your guests sign a heart and drop it in your frame for lasting memories
  • Made from raw 3 & 6mm MDF- laser cut-raw. With Perspex front
  • Measures approx 40cm both wide and tall. Comes with a slot in stand Read more below

Drop Box (Guest Book Alternative)

$82.50$110.00  incl. tax 

  • Very in demand right now are the popular guest book alternative
  • Have your guests sign  the little heart pieces and drop it into the slot on the top of your frame
  • Comes with engraved centre heart already fixed in place
  • Looks great displayed on an easel Please read below for full details

Additional Leaves For Guest Book Alternative

$0.22  incl. tax 

Fill Our Hearts With Love Sign- Matching To Drop Box

$21.95  incl. tax 

Fill Our Hearts With Love Sign- To match guest book alternatives

  • Perfect sign to have alongside of your drop box, hearts tree or hearts board to let guests know what they should do with your hearts!
  • Approx 20cm square with engraved text
  • Guest Book Alternates here: Guest Books

Single Heart Drop Box On Stand With Engraving

$93.50$110.00  incl. tax 

  • Have your guests sign a heart and drop it in your frame for lasting memories
  • Perfect for any occasion
  • Made from 3 & 6mm raw mdf with perspex front
  • Engraved Text on centre heart
  • Measures approx 40cm both wide and tall- Comes with a slot in stand

Please Sign Stick Style On Stand

$19.80  incl. tax 

  • Tall please sign stick style sign on small disc slot in stand
  • Place next to any sort of guest signing book or alternative for guests to have some direction on what they should do.
  • Made from laser cut raw 6mm mdf with a small disc stand
  • 37cm tall x 17cm wide overall

Puzzle Pieces- Guest Book Alternative

$55.00$104.50  incl. tax 

  • Puzzle pieces guest book alternative
  • Check out this cool alternative to a guest book!
  • Each piece is made from 3mm mdf(wood) and is approx 4.5cm square and has little hearts which slot in together to join your puzzle.
  • Set up includes: -Your chosen amount of puzzle pieces(pieces come loose for you to arrange) -A larger puzzle piece (10cm)  with your two names and date(or mr & mrs surname and date or a name etc)
  • Looks great framed afterwards
  • This set comes all as individual pieces,not joined,glued or painted so you can style it all the way you like it-no backing board is included,just the puzzle pieces and the centre engraved piece

Heart Puzzle Board-Guest Book Alternative

$88.00  incl. tax 

Modern solution to a guest book. Adds a little fun for guests piecing your puzzle together! Simply have your guests sign a heart and place it in your puzzle! A keepsake to treasure forever. Includes:

  • 100 4cm hearts
  • Puzzle board
  • Personalised engraved heart (for bottom centre)
  • And sign as shown in picture which lets guest know what to do!
  • We recommend using a good quality permanent marker to write on the hearts :)
  • Measures approx 60cm tall x 50cm wide
  • Lasercut from 3mm mdf

Card Box With Hearts & Personalised Names- Wishing Well Alternate

$60.50  incl. tax 

Great alternative to a wishing well or boring box for your cards for a wedding,engagement or anniversary.Complete with two hearts at the top.

  • Made from laser cut 6mm raw MDF 
  • Measures approx 30 x 30 x 41cm overall once assembled with card slot in top measuring 16cm long
  • Comes flat packed for you to assemble so it does not get damaged in transit.Instructions included.
  • One heart per name only. The & symbol between the hearts is fixed/automatically will be there.
  • Lid fits over the top like a shoe box lid for easy removal of the cards afterwards
  • Comes with the word Cards or Thank You unattached for you to attach to the front- your choice of one.Made from 3mm mdf
  • General PVA glue will be required

Heart Tree “Guest Book”

$77.00$99.00  incl. tax 

  • Comes as a DIY kit-Large in size
  • All pieces are made from 3mm mdf
  • Two sizes available Read full description below

Wedding/Engagement/Birthday Gift Card Box

$43.95  incl. tax 

  • Made from 3mm MDF
  • Measures approx 30cm square when assembled x  25cm high.
  • Comes raw,unassembled READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION BELOW

Matching Sign (On Stand) For Drop Box

$25.25  incl. tax 

  • Matching sign for drop box
  • Comes on its own little stand
  • 3mm raw MDF with engraving

Guest Book Sign-Sign A Heart And Drop It In

$25.30  incl. tax 

  • Cute little sign to match with drop boxes or other heart related guest book alternatives
  • Laser cut and engraved from raw 3mm MDF
  • Measures 20cm tall x 15cm wide

Wishing Well Sign On Stand

$27.45  incl. tax 

  • Made from RAW 6mm MDF 13cm tall
  • Comes with slot in stand

Wedding Open Frame Board Guest Book Alternative- Mr & Mrs

$71.50$82.50  incl. tax 

  • Open frame board-guest book alternative
  • Measures 60cm wide x 40cm tall made from 6 & 3mm mdf(wood)
  • Awesome keepsake to have your guests sign at your wedding or engagement &  then to display in your home
  • Guests sign the hearts and if you like also the Mr&Mrs
  • Paint it yourself or leave it raw unpainted for a rustic/vintage look Please read below for full details-DYI set

Round/Circle Drop Box-Guest Book Alternative

$110.00  incl. tax 

  • Gorgeous circle shaped drop box guest book alternative
  • Have your guests sign a little heart and drop it in your frame to savor your memories.
  • Measures approx 45cm in diameter and comes with 120 3.5cm hearts
  • Choose from waltograph (disney) font or sweetheart (cursive) font Please read full description below

Drop Box For All Occasions

$82.50$110.00  incl. tax 

  • Many "drop" shapes are available to go into this cute rectangle shaped frame
  • Stand not included- we recommend purchasing an easel Please read below for full details before ordering If you are unsure  contact us here before ordering for assistance

Guest Book Alternative- “Building Memories”

$38.50$154.00  incl. tax 


  • Perfect way to literally build memories!
  • Contains a stack of hearts(you choose quantity below) which are engraved with your two names and your special date.each heart is approx 10cm wide.
  • Also contains a "base" & "stick" set up which slots in together.
  • Place them next to each other,get your guests to sign a heart and leave there well wishes and then place it on the stand(base & stick set up)
  • This way your guests are actually "building a stack of memories" for you!
  • Cute unique alternative.
  • Raw unpainted
  • Some assembly required

Single Engraved Raw Wooden Heart

$11.00  incl. tax 

  • Approx 10cm 3mm raw MDF engraved heart
  • Great small element to use on your wedding, birthday or any other craft activities.
  • Max 4 short words and a short date or 5 short words

Snap It Shake It Sign It Plaque

$22.00  incl. tax 

  • Cute cut out sign to put with your photo booth or instant cameras to have your guests know what to do
  • Made from 3mm lasercut raw mdf
  • Measures approx 30cm in height x 23cm wide
  • Display on an easel or plate stand- not included

Traditional guest books are a paper binder style book that gets written in and often put away in a drawer.Our guest book alternatives offer so much more as they can be displayed in your home for years to come after your event. This is a beautiful way to remember who attended and also any special moments that may have occured that were noted by your guests. Our guest book alternatives consist of but are nbot limited to drop boxes, puzzles, initials, engraved hearts,signature boards plus so much more.