Father's Day Personalised Gifts & Decor

Personalised Tree of Life With Name Hearts

$74.80$275.00  incl. tax 

  • Gorgeous wooden tree of life with customised names
  • Made from laser cut raw 6mm MDF
  • Available in a range of heart options from 3-30
  • One name per heart strictly only
  • 60cm* or huge 85cm* sizes available
  • If you have blank hearts, you may write blank to leave them empty or use words such as love,forever etc in those hearts
  • The font used is sweetheart font- view it here to see how names look first
  • Look at the black images- there is an image for every different tree, look at the picture of the tree you are ordering and number your names according to the heart you would like them to be in
  • Example 1.Mum 2.Dad 5. Lachlan 8.Ted  7. Braxton and so on
  • If you would like the names placed randomly over the tree, do not number them, just write the names
The item is not black, they are the images to show you how to number your tree to put the names in specific spots

Personalised wooden family tree with hearts

$47.30$88.00  incl. tax 

  • Gorgeous Family tree that enables you to have all of your loved ones together in one place on a timeless piece
  • Generous Sizing-averaging 45cm tall
  • Available in  10, 12, 14, 15, 20 or 24 hearts plus the word Family at the bottom
  • Comes with simple slot in stand
  • Raw 6mm laser cut MDF (not black they are digital images only)
  • 10 is the mininmum hearts- If you have less then 10 names, you can write 'blank' in the spots you wish to leave blank- or you can use the additional hearts for words such as 'love' 'forever' 'always' etc
  • Simply list your names with a number corresponding to the correct picture if you would like them in specific spots

Mini Father’s Day Bargains-6 options

$8.80  incl. tax 

  • Mini Fathers day signs and plaques
  • This plaques are all perfect for the bedside table,office desk or people with very limited space
  • Perfect project for your little ones to paint for pop,daddy,pa,step dad etc.
  • All made from raw lasercut 3mm MDF(wood) and all come with stands except for the "shield" which has holes to hang.
  • See below for all sizing and full descriptions

Personalised Double Family Hearts On Stand

$32.95$73.70  incl. tax 

  • Available in raw MDF, gold glitter coated or silver glitter coated
  • All 3mm thickness with a slot in stand
  • Measures approx 38cm wide x 24cm tall
  • Fits up to 7 names in the right heart-Names will be placed where they best fit when designing and not in a particular order

Personalised Just A Hug Apart Postcard

$22.00  incl. tax 

Sometimes, we just cannot be near our loved ones to give them a much needed hug. Our 'just a hug apart' heart postcards are perfect to fill the void for any loved one

  • The centre heart simply twists and pops out from the postcard
  • Your loved one can carry their heart around as a reminder of you
  • Made from 3mm raw MDF
  • Measures approx 15cm x 10.5cm overall
  • Up to 2 "to" names and up to 4 "from" names
  • Ship directly to the recipient if you choose to
This item is made from laser cut MDF (wood)- please understand laser-cutting prior to ordering FAQs

Personalised Beer Caddy/Basket

$43.51  incl. tax 

How cool is this custom beer caddy! Such a great alternative to a boring box or bag. Awesome gift idea along with a six pack! (not included)

  • Made from raw 6mm mdf with name cut out of one side panel. Nice sturdy construction once assembled.
  • Comes flat packed with instructions- Clear drying PVA glue is required to hold it together firmly. Glue well and test strength before adding any cans or bottles.
  • Measures 24cm wide x 25cm tall once assembled including height of handles. Box part itself measures 24cm x 16cm,divided into 6 sections.
  • One name or two short words on one side panel only eg "best xxxx" or Benjamin etc- Font will all be in capital letters

This Seat Is Reserved For Our Loved Ones In Heaven Plaque With Mini Chair

$27.50$46.20  incl. tax 

  • Plaque measures 20cm wide x 13cm tall
  • Chair measures approx 10cm x 10cm
  • All laser cut from raw 3mm mdf
  • L shaped stand- plaque slots into stand to become freestanding and chair sits on the platform designed for it
  • Chair comes in four pieces which easily slot together you may use some pva glue to hold it together permanently if you wish- see images for reference

Personalised Wall Hanging Family Tree Sign

$68.20$220.00  incl. tax 

  • Made for wall hanging- fittings not included
  • Raw 6mm thick or lasercut MDF(wood)
  • Available in 60, 80 or 95cm width
  • From 10 hearts to 30 hearts
  • The word family is fixed-cannot be changed
  • Please read full description below before ordering (scroll down to see) as it explains how to order correctly-Images of black tree's are computer images only to show you how to number your names for the position you want them on the tree

Personalised Dream Catcher

$33.00$82.50  incl. tax 

  • Name will be in all capitals
  • Comes as one solid piece
  • Size is Based on overall height of the Dream Catcher
  • Made from 6mm raw MDF

Our Family Hearts

$44.00$74.80  incl. tax 

  • 6mm mdf, approx 40cm high
  • Fits up to 6 names in heart
  • "Our family" on outer heart rim is fixed
  • Great for wall hanging or you can choose to have a stand
  • Available in three finishes raw mdf,silver glitter coated or gold glitter coated
  • If need be the internal heart will be removed to fit names. On the other hand if there are too many gaps,small hearts will be used to fill gaps

Personalised Family Quote And Heart Keepsake

$82.50  incl. tax 

Personalised Family Quote with Heart

  • This quote with heart attached is designed for wall hanging(fittings not included) "Where life begins and love never ends"
  • Fits 7 names in heart
  • Measures approx. 61cm tall x 55cm wide overall
  • Raw lasercut 6mm MDF

Never Ending Tree Of Love- Family Tree

$57.20  incl. tax 

  • Based around a tree of life is our tree of love.
  • This tree can be added to,changed or removed as your family changes over time.
  • There are a total of 25 holes in the tree to add your engraved hearts needed. Use as many or as little as you choose.
  • Comes with 7 engraved hearts with your choice of names. Additional hearts can be purchased anytime to add on.
  • The font used on this item is sweetheart font,which can be viewed here prior to ordering
  • Click here for additional hearts.
  • Also included are 7 jump rings for you to easily attach the hearts to the tree.
  • Stands 40cm in height and comes with an easily slotted in stand
  • Laser cut from raw 6mm mdf

Family Heart With Surname

$45.10$49.50  incl. tax 


  • 6mm laser cut family heart.
  • Choose to have it with or without a stand.
  • Fits up to 10 names on the inside and 1 surname(or word) on the outside
  • Generous sizing
  • Approx 48cm wide x 41cm high
  • Available in bold font or running writing (sweetheart font)-please select when ordering *names will be put how they best fit and not in any particular order*

Happy Fathers Day Motor Bike Plaque

$35.20  incl. tax 

Cool motor bike shaped plaque with engraved text.

  • Measures 30cm wide,made from laser cut and engraved raw 3mm thick MDF.
  • Comes with simple slot in stand.
  • Happy Fathers Day engraved on the bike and Love names (your choice of 4 names only) along the base.

Personalised Truck Plaque

$55.00  incl. tax 

  • Made from raw 6mm laser cut MDF- Comes with simple slot in stand
  • Awesome etched truck detail with engraved text
  • Measures approx 35cm tall x 32cm wide
  • You can have up to 8 names engraved
  • Available in Happy Fathers Day or Happy Birthday

Family quote birthday board/calendar

$40.65  incl. tax 

Family quote birthday board/calendar Simply attach a circle disc under the relevant month and write the persons name and day of that month on the disc with a fine tip permanent marker. Its that easy… An instant,attractive, list of birthdays or other special days to check up on always. Discs can be added or removed as needed and spare/more blank discs can be purchased seperatley Comes with:

  • One birthday board  (approx 40cm wide)
  • 24 blank 25mm discs with two small holes
  • 24 metal jump rings
  • Discs and jump rings are unattached for you to place where you need them Additional discs can be purchased here Additional discs Engraved discs can be purchased here Engraved discs
Other styles/wording calendars can be found here Birthday Boards

Family Forever single heart with multi hearts in centre

$49.50$71.50  incl. tax 

  • Can fit up to 20 names in the hearts in centre
  • approx 38cm wide x 36cm tall
  • Family forever on the outer ring is standard or you can choose to have it blank-no other options available
  • comes on easy slot in stand or no stand- your choose NOTE: if you are wanting the name in a particular order please list them numbered- the number layout can be seen in the diagram attached. Otherwise they will be placed randomly

Personalised Dad With Names In Heart

$44.00  incl. tax 

  • Dad with your choice of names in heart(max 5)
  • 6mm mdf-comes with slot in stand
  • Approx 45cm long
  • Names are placed how they best fit when designing your product
  • Also available with happy fathers day in heart-check our other listing!

Fishing ‘Keepers’Coloured Layered Plaque

$55.00  incl. tax 

  • Cute Fishing themed plauqe
  • Makes a great Fathers Day or Birthday Gift
  • Hand constructed from coloured 3mm MDF
  • One name per engraved fish
  • Measures 40cm round

Personalised Fathers Day Engraved Heart-Love You Everyday..

$49.50  incl. tax 

  • Happy father’s day in top right hand circle. Your choice of one engraved name to the left.
  • Your choice of up to 8 names to have at the bottom
  • Made from raw 6mm laser cut and engraved MDF
  • Comes with simple slot in stand
  • Approx 30cm in height

Triple Hearts On Stand

$38.45$71.50  incl. tax 

    • Comes with a separate stand which easily slots in
    • Fits : 2-3 names in far left heart              4 name in centre heart              5 names in far right heart
    • Approx 50 wide x 20cm tall
    • Laser cut from 6mm mdf
    • Available in three finishes raw MDF,silver glitter coated or gold glitter coated.
    • Glitter coating offers a subtle shimmer over either your selected gold or silver
    • Names will be placed in the heart you ask for but not in any particular order within that heart. They need to be placed how they best fit.
    • Larger wall hanging version is also available just click here

Personalised Happy Fathers Day Truck With Engraving

$49.50  incl. tax 

  • Cool truck shaped silhouette with engraving on the cab making a unique gift or keepsake
  • Made from raw 6mm laser cut MDF
  • Measures approx 40cm wide x 20cm tall
  • You can have up to 6 names engraved
  • Comes with simple slot in stand
  • Dragonfly Your Wings Memorial Heart

    $16.50$38.50  incl. tax 

    Gorgeous Memorial Item to have in honour of any loved one. Contains the text 'Your wings were ready but our hearts were not' around the outside and then one name on the suspended freehanging heart within. Watch the sun shine beautifully through the flower and dragonfly as it catches a glimpse of it. Available in 3 different styles (see images for different styles):

    • HANGING HEART- Comes in raw 3mm MDF (not suitable for outdoors) or 3mm coloured Acrylic (suitable for outdoors) and measures 15cm wide overall- string not included, we used fishing line which worked great for us
    • HEART WITH SPIKE- This is ideal to place in a pot plant,garden or grave. Made from 3mm coloured acrylic- measures 15cm wide and with a spike  of approx 10cm tall. Is suitable for outdoors. Take alot of care when sticking into your pot etc not to break the spike
    • HEART ON STAND- Made from raw 3mm MDF, not suitable for outside. Measures approx 26cm wide and tall. This is ideal for a bookshelf or similar. Stand is 6mm for stabilty and easily slots in.
    Also available in a butterfly design here  The metal jump ring comes unattached and is very easy to attach, this is so it does not break during postage

    The Character Collection- Worlds Best Or Family Titles

    $27.50$74.80  incl. tax 

    *EXCLUSIVE TO CUSTOM WHOLESALE DESIGNS* Our character collection is just that...Our very own collection of characters which you can choose to resemble YOUR family members for your gorgeous plaque!

    • We have babies,boys,girls,teens,adults and even animals!
    • Or you can even choose a symbol (instead of a 'character') such as a football,soccer ball or horse (plus so many more) if you have an avid lover of one of those things in your family!