Family Keepsakes & Gifts

Bunny Ends Easter Basket- 2 Sizes

$13.20$27.50  incl. tax 

  • Gorgeous Easter Baskets with Bunny Silhouettes On Each End
  • Available in size small or large
  • Comes to you unassembled flat packed for you to decorate and assemble
  • PVA glue will be required for the assembly
  • Comes with one name for you to glue on
  • Made from raw 3mm MDF
  • The font used is sweetness font as per the images shown
  • Small measures- 22cm long x 24cm tall x 13cm deep- shorter sides are 5cm height
  • Name on small size is approx 8cm long (max)
  • Large measures- 35cm long x 39cm tall x 21cm deep- shorter sides are 8cm height
  • Name on large size is approx 14cm long (max)
  • The perfect project to paint and decorate for Easter
*Chocolate not included- Please understand what laser cutting is and that scorching/burn marks are normal part of this, you can read about this on our FAQ page before ordering

Personalised Easter Egg Holder- Rabbit,Chick,Basket or Bunny Style

$13.20$27.50  incl. tax 

Such a cute little addition to display the kiddies Easter eggs on,featuring their very own name. Perfect to use year and year again.

  • Measuring approx all measure approx between 20-25cm wide or tall.Laser cut from raw 3mm mdf
  • One name per item only-max 10 letters, hyphens are ok
  • Also comes in fun character shapes here
  • Comes flat packed in 3 pieces ,easily slots together,then glue the little bottom piece on for stability
  • Holds 6 standard size eggs,3 back and 3 front
  • Available in raw mdf, silver glitter coated or gold glitter coated
  • Glitter coated is not a full coverage of glitter, but rather a subtle shimmer over either a gold or silver finish which has been applied to the raw MDF.
  • General PVA glue may be used for stability if you choose*Eggs and other accessories not included
The backs of these will contain some burn/scorch marks which occur from laser cutting. To read more about this, checkout our FAQ here

Individual Name Wooden Name Tags

$1.49  incl. tax 

  • Individual laser cut raw wooden (mdf) name tags
  • Measure 8.5 x 3.5cm
  • Perfect as gift tags or place cards
  • One name per tag only, max 8 letters each

Engraved discs for family birthday board/calendars

$2.20  incl. tax 

  • 1 disc engraved with one name plus one number only (single or double digit number)
  • Bonus- Comes with one Free metal jump ring to hang the disc
  • Arial font as shown,centered to itself
  • 25mm diameter
  • 3mm raw laser cut and engraved MDF
  • 1.5mm hole top and bottom Actual birthday boards can be found here : Family Birthday Board/Calendar Blank disc sets can be found here: Blank discs

Christmas Gift Sleigh-Raw MDF

$49.50  incl. tax 

    • Great alternative to a Santa sack- See images for image of the raw sleigh
    • Comes in 5 pieces of the sleigh,plus the individual letters and either stars or snowflakes
    • Snowflakes and Letters are not attached for you to glue on after painting if you choose to paint
    • Sleigh is raw wood, not painted, for you to paint yourself as you please
    • Comes flat packed, Assembly is required after decorating
    • Slots together and PVA glue will be needed
    • Sleigh once assembled measures approx 58cm L x 45cm H x 35cm W Please read the full description below prior to ordering-By ordering you are agreeing to have read this
  • We also have a reindeer version here
  • Also now comes in snowman, dinosaur and unicorn- click here
Disclaimer- We sell these sleighs as an item to put gifts in, we do not endorse putting children in them. We take no responsibility for injury's that may occur to children in doing so or damages to the sleighs that may occur from doing this.

Simple Joined Names And Words 6mm Mdf

$8.80$93.50  incl. tax 

  • Joined words and names are measured in width (length). The height of the word will depend on how many letters are in each word or name required.For example if your word has only 3 letters,it will appear taller in height than a word which has 8 letters. Regardless of the amount of letters, your word will measure the size you choose in overall width (length)
  • Lasercut from raw 6mm thick MDF 
  • Be sure to change the QTY to match the amount of words you require
  • Dots on top of i j etc will not be attached or included
  • None of these joined names or words are freestanding, they are suitable for hanging 
  • There is a font selector here for you to preview the font style prior to ordering Font Selector 

Personalised Tree of Life With Name Hearts

$74.80$275.00  incl. tax 

  • Gorgeous wooden tree of life with customised names
  • Made from laser cut raw 6mm MDF
  • Available in a range of heart options from 3-30
  • One name per heart strictly only
  • 60cm* or huge 85cm* sizes available
  • If you have blank hearts, you may write blank to leave them empty or use words such as love,forever etc in those hearts
  • The font used is sweetheart font- view it here to see how names look first
  • Look at the black images- there is an image for every different tree, look at the picture of the tree you are ordering and number your names according to the heart you would like them to be in
  • Example 1.Mum 2.Dad 5. Lachlan 8.Ted  7. Braxton and so on
  • If you would like the names placed randomly over the tree, do not number them, just write the names
The item is not black, they are the images to show you how to number your tree to put the names in specific spots

Additional Hearts For Never Ending Tree Of Love

$2.86  incl. tax 

  • Actual tree can be found here 
  • Listing is for one raw mdf heart engraved with one name only + one free jump ring
  • The font used on this item is Sweetheart- you may view this here,prior to ordering

Individual Letters 6mm

$1.32$30.80  incl. tax 

  • A selection of heights available as shown-see images
  • Be sure to enter your letters required in the correct title case box,either lowercase or uppercase
  • Leave a space between each letter you are wanting and be sure to adjust the quantity to match the amount of letters you have typed in the space provided
  • See the fonts here Font Selector

Simple Joined Names And Words 3mm- MEASURED IN WIDTH

$6.05$29.70  incl. tax 

  • Joined words and names are measured in width (length). The height of the word will depend on how many letters are in each word or name required.For example if your word has only 3 letters,it will appear taller in height than a word which has 8 letters. Regardless of the amount of letters, your word will measure the size you choose in overall width
  • Lasercut from raw 3mm thick MDF 
  • Dots on top of i j etc will not be attached or included
  • None of these joined names or words are freestanding, they are suitable for hanging 
  • There is a font selector here for you to preview the font style prior to ordering Font Selector 

Mini Mothers Day Bargains-Various Options

$5.50  incl. tax 

  • Currently half price-See Images for the Style Number
  • Set designs as shown only- No Changes on these items
  • These plaques are all perfect for the bedside table,office desk or people with limited space. Great project for your little ones to paint for Mum,Nan,Gran etc- They are mini sized
  • All made from raw lasercut 3mm MDF(wood) 
  • All signs vary from 12cm-20cm in either height or length depending on its orientation

Personalised wooden family tree with hearts

$47.30$88.00  incl. tax 

  • Gorgeous Family tree that enables you to have all of your loved ones together in one place on a timeless piece
  • Generous Sizing-averaging 45cm tall
  • Available in  10, 12, 14, 15, 20 or 24 hearts plus the word Family at the bottom
  • Comes with simple slot in stand
  • Raw 6mm laser cut MDF (not black they are digital images only)
  • 10 is the mininmum hearts- If you have less then 10 names, you can write 'blank' in the spots you wish to leave blank- or you can use the additional hearts for words such as 'love' 'forever' 'always' etc
  • Simply list your names with a number corresponding to the correct picture if you would like them in specific spots


Personalised Mr & Mrs (Mrs & Mrs Or Mr & Mr) Surname Ring- Various Sizes

$29.65$99.00  incl. tax 

  • 3mm for 30,40 & 50cm and 6mm for 60 & 80cm raw lasercut MDF 
  • Set font style only-please view your font here prior to ordering so you can see roughly how it will look, as we will not replace products due to you not liking the look of the font once the item is made The font is corinthia. See samples images also prior to ordering.
  • Dots on letters such as i's & j's are not attached to the designs and are not included with the designs
  • Other style of rings available here: All Hoops
  • Examples images of customer use's attached using lights and flowers, this is for the raw hoop only
As stated above- This item is one set font style only (corinthia font), there  is no font options, that is why there is no where for you to specify what font you want.

Mini Father’s Day Bargains-6 options

$8.80  incl. tax 

  • Mini Fathers day signs and plaques
  • This plaques are all perfect for the bedside table,office desk or people with very limited space
  • Perfect project for your little ones to paint for pop,daddy,pa,step dad etc.
  • All made from raw lasercut 3mm MDF(wood) and all come with stands except for the "shield" which has holes to hang.
  • See below for all sizing and full descriptions

In This Moment In Time Frames-Various Sizes And Styles

$31.90$98.95  incl. tax 

Frames are made from raw 6mm raw MDF with ethcing on the clock and 3mm elements Available in a range of frames from 1-6 DIY set to complete a unique personalised art work Read full description below before ordering -This is a DIY set Our Version 2 of this product canbe found here

3D Adult Advent Christmas Count Down

$66.00  incl. tax 

  • An advent count down (til Santa Comes) that holds standard size single serve alcohol bottles*! As you can see we have tested it with some types of  beers ,cruisers,mini wine bottles etc. THEN fill it back up on christmas eve and us it as a display on christmas day!
  • What a way to include adults in the christmas hype
  • Holds 24 standard single serve sized beer bottles(not all bottles)- also fits single wine bottles,cruiser bottles etc
  • Made from 6mm raw mdf etched with numbers 1-24 for the 24 days of December
  • Measures a huge 67cm tall x 58cm wide
  • Comes flat packed for you to assemble- general PVA glue will be needed to assemble so its sturdy- you will need to glue all of the wedges in to hold the bottles. It is easy,just requires patience! So worth it once done.
  • Comes with ONE personalised name which slots into the front of the stand Alcohol is NOT included *May not fit some beer bottles depending on the shape of them. We tested with Heineken and Carlton dry,does not fit corona,jd,jim beam etc or cans.

Joined Names/Words 3mm-Measured in HEIGHT

$3.85$11.00  incl. tax 

  • Theses words are measured by overall height-NOT length. If you require words which are measured by length (width) you can order here:Simple Joined Names And Words 3mm
  • Made from laser cut 3mm  raw mdf
  • None of these joined names or words are freestanding
  • Dots on top of i j etc are not attached or included
  • If the word has a drop down letter such as a g or y, the word is measured including this in its height
  • Max 8 characters per word or name only for this item
Check the fonts here: Font Selector

Personalised Double Family Hearts On Stand

$32.95$73.70  incl. tax 

  • Available in raw MDF, gold glitter coated or silver glitter coated
  • All 3mm thickness with a slot in stand
  • Measures approx 38cm wide x 24cm tall
  • Fits up to 7 names in the right heart-Names will be placed where they best fit when designing and not in a particular order

Monogram Flourish With Personalised Name

$27.50$85.80  incl. tax 

Monogram Flourish With Personalised Name

  • All letters a-z available
  • Your choice of one name up to 12 characters 
  • Laser Cut from 6mm thick raw MDF
  • Sizes are based on height
  • No symbols including "&" can be used
This product is raw MDF colour only, any additional black images are digital image examples only

Personalised Just A Hug Apart Postcard

$22.00  incl. tax 

Sometimes, we just cannot be near our loved ones to give them a much needed hug. Our 'just a hug apart' heart postcards are perfect to fill the void for any loved one

  • The centre heart simply twists and pops out from the postcard
  • Your loved one can carry their heart around as a reminder of you
  • Made from 3mm raw MDF
  • Measures approx 15cm x 10.5cm overall
  • Up to 2 "to" names and up to 4 "from" names
  • Ship directly to the recipient if you choose to
This item is made from laser cut MDF (wood)- please understand laser-cutting prior to ordering FAQs

Personalised Beer Caddy/Basket

$43.51  incl. tax 

How cool is this custom beer caddy! Such a great alternative to a boring box or bag. Awesome gift idea along with a six pack! (not included)

  • Made from raw 6mm mdf with name cut out of one side panel. Nice sturdy construction once assembled.
  • Comes flat packed with instructions- Clear drying PVA glue is required to hold it together firmly. Glue well and test strength before adding any cans or bottles.
  • Measures 24cm wide x 25cm tall once assembled including height of handles. Box part itself measures 24cm x 16cm,divided into 6 sections.
  • One name or two short words on one side panel only eg "best xxxx" or Benjamin etc- Font will all be in capital letters

Additional discs for family birthday boards/calendars

$7.70  incl. tax 

  • Additional blank disc pack only for family birthday boards
  • 25mm diameter with 1.5mm hole in top and bottom
  • 3mm laser cut raw MDF - Sold as packs of 12 Comes with: 12 blank discs Bonus- 12 metal jump rings Free of charge Actual calendars can be found here: Birthday Boards

Personalised Chocolate or Candy Advent Count Down

$38.50  incl. tax 

  • The kids will love counting down the days until Santa comes with these awesome countdown boards
  • Numbered in a random order,not in one line to make it fun for the kids to find the number of the day,numbers are etched into the wood.
  • Each type is available in a train design, reindeer design or a christmas tree design
  • Smarties measures 49cm wide x 39cm tall and chocolate styles measure approx 53cm wide x 44cm tall
  • Made from 6mm raw MDF with a slot in double stand
  • Personalise with 2 words which slot into the front slot on the stand
  • Smartie Style fits 24 treat size boxes of Australian size Smarties
  • Tic Tac Style fits 24 packets of regular Australian size Tic Tacs
  • Egg style has been tested with 24 Kinder Eggs** (see note about Kinders prior to ordering)
For the smarties and tic tac style, lay the board flat and place them in before putting into the stand. Confectionary & Chocolate not included Confectionery and chocolates not included There are holes cut out in each board to fit the particular item it is listed as. There is no backing on the board, the items shown in the images have been tested (in the specific sizes listed)  and fit in snugly except for the kinders are stated below.  
(**NOTE ,although the Kinders fit well in the design,we had issues with the actual wrappers slipping off and falling out,they were tricky to place in and stay in place,the other two styles fit in and stay in easy-we are only offering the kinder style due to the high demand,we take no responsibility for the way they stay in the board-our recommendation is the tic tac or smartie styles personally, we found a piece of tape on the back of the kinders held them in)

Bunny Footprint Stencil- Easter

$5.50  incl. tax 

  • So much cuteness in this idea. Use some baby powder or flour etc and put these stencils down to create easter bunny footprints to excite your kiddies!
  • Each set includes 2 stencils.
  • Made from lasercut raw 3mm mdf and measure approx 15cm tall