Hanging Christmas

Individual Name Wooden Name Tags

$1.49  incl. tax 

  • Individual laser cut raw wooden (mdf) name tags
  • Measure 8.5 x 3.5cm
  • Perfect as gift tags or place cards
  • One name per tag only, max 8 letters each

Family Christmas Tree Personalised

$26.35$60.50  incl. tax 

  • Gorgeous christmas tree shape with names in the centre
  • Can fit up to 7 names-names will be placed in no particular order,they will be placed how they best fit upon designing your item Two types available
  • 6mm on a stand Or
  • 3mm hanging(comes with a hole in the top for ribbon to be attached-not included)
  • Both styles measure 45cm in height
  • Stars will only be used to fill large gaps
  • Available in three finishes raw MDF,silver glitter coated or gold glitter coated
  • Glitter coating offers a subtle shimmer over either your selected gold or silver

Round Aussie Christmas At The Sign- Personalised Surname

Round Aussie Christmas At The Sign- Personalised Surname

$29.70$99.00  incl. tax 

  • Gorgeous round Christmas at "Surname"
  • Aussie animal themed
  • Made from raw mdf or white front coated MDF depending on your choice
  • Laser cut with etched details and cut out surname
  • Various sizes
  • Enter the Surname exactly as you want it to be on your order
  • We have recently removed a couple of little lines on the hats and legs as the heads were falling off

Modern Wooden Christmas Tree Ornament- Bauble Hoop

Modern Wooden Christmas Tree Ornament- Bauble Hoop

$9.90$16.50  incl. tax 

  • Simple yet modern hoop style bauble
  • One name only per ornament
  • Max letters 9- the less letters the larger the name will be and vice versa
  • Made from lasercut 3mm MDF
  • Available in raw MDF or silver or gold glitter coated (light glitter finish)
  • Measures approx 10cm
  • Modern freehand style font only
  • Will contain scorch marks as per all lasercut items

Merry Christmas Gift Tag

$3.85  incl. tax 

  • Merry Christmas Gift Tag With Custom From Section
  • You may have up to 3 short words or names in this section
  • Made from Laser Cut Raw 3mm MDF (wood)
  • Measures approx 10cm x 5.5cm

Santas Magic Key

$5.50  incl. tax 

  • Cute little "Santa" key for the kids to leave out for Christmas eve
  • Laser cut from 3mm MDF
  • Measures approx 10cm in length
  • Engraved text
  • Ribbon not included

Dog Christmas Ornament- 85 Styles

$11.00  incl. tax 

  • Choose your fur family to hang this christmas
  • Click on each image set to bring them up larger so you see them all
  • 85 Doggies to choose from- the number is on each image
  • Each ornament will be cut from raw laser cut 3mm MDF and be engraved with your pooches name
  • Has one hole for you to add some string or twine
  • Each style measures between 10-12cm wide
  • One name per ornament

Single Letter Christmas Bauble

$5.50  incl. tax 

  • Laser Cut raw 3mm MDF single letter baubles
  • Approx 10cm each
  • Sold per bauble- string not included

Pet Advent Christmas Tree Count Down

$27.50$33.00  incl. tax 

Why should humans have all the fun!? Here is a gorgeous way to add bones or any other treat you would like that fits!

  • Measures overall 45cm tall x 36cm wide
  • Made from either lasercut raw MDF or laser cut White front Coated MDF
  • Has 25 numbers and bone shapes etched to illistrate where to put the bones/treats
  • Comes with 25 pipe cleaners to put through the holes to add hold the treats on
  • Has two holes at the top for you to use ribbon or rope etc to hang it up if you wish
  • Has one animals name cut out at the very top
  • 'Bone' shapes on board are approx 6.5 x 2.5cm
We have a version 2 here which can be used for all pets not just dogs! HERE

North Pole Gift Tag

$3.30  incl. tax 

  • North Pole Gift Tag
  • Laser Cut Raw Wooden (MDF)
  • Measures approx 8cm x 5.5cm
  • One name per tag only

Stars And Reindeer Family Hanging Ring

$27.45  incl. tax 

  • 3mm lasercut raw MDF
  • Ring  made up of stars and reindeer
  • Christmas at the (insert your surname)
  • Approx 37cm

Personalised Family Wording For Wreaths

$13.20$33.00  incl. tax 

  • Perfect to personalise any homemade or store bought christmas wreath
  • Various Sizes as shown which have been previously used by customers
  • Made from laser cut raw 3mm or 6mm MDF
  • Text will read "Surname Family" Stacked on top of each other
  • The font used is amarillo,which we advise you to take a look at here prior to ordering so you can see the look of the letters: Font Selector
  • Wreath not included

Large Christmas Bauble Door Hanger

$49.50  incl. tax 

  • Large "christmas bauble" door hanger
  • Measures 45cm in height
  • Customised with your surname (one only)
  • Will read, Christmas at the (with your surname as you write it)
  • Include the S at the end ifyou would like it on there
  • Laser Cut from raw 6mm MDF

Animal Christmas Ornament

$9.90  incl. tax 

  • Guinea Pig, Cockatoo, Snake,Horse,Fish...what pets are part of your family!?
  • Each ornament will be cut from raw laser cut 3mm MDF and be engraved with one name
  • Has one hole for you to add some string or twine
  • Each style measures between 10-12cm wide
  • Click the extra images to see all of the animals and their  numbers
We also have 85 dog styles to choose from: Dog Christmas Ornament- 85 Styles


$6.60  incl. tax 

  • Cute Individual Letter With 2020 (year will be current year)
  • Perfect Gift From Teachers To Students Or For Christmas Parties
  • Comes With A 3mm Hole To Hang String Or Ribbon
  • Made From 3mm Lasercut Mdf
  • Approx 10cm width
  • Each Letter Sold Individually

Something You..Want,Wear,Share,Read,Do & Need Tags

$13.20  incl. tax 

  • Cute little 6x3cm tags to add to gifts if you choose to do Something You..Want,Wear,Share,Read,Do & Need Gifts
  • Engraved on raw 3m MDF
  • Sold as a set of 6

Personalised Christmas At Sign!

$31.85  incl. tax 

Personalised Christmas At Sign

  • Christmas at "your surname"
  • Has two little holes in snowflakes for you to use to hang.
  • 6mm raw MDF - Approx 45cm wide

Merry Christmas Hanging Sign With Your Surname

$26.40  incl. tax 

Merry Christmas Hanging Sign With Your Surname

  • 3mm laser cut MDF
  • Suitable for hanging(fitings not supplied)
  • Approx 44cm long x 15cm tall

Modern Christmas At The Sign With Your Surname

$36.25  incl. tax 

  • Approx 45cm wide made from raw 6mm laser cut MDF
  • "s" will automatically be added to the end of your surname,except if it ends in an "s". Eg: smith will be turned into smiths however johns will not be turned into johnss.
  • Designed for wall hanging-wall hanging fittings not included

Personalised Family Reindeer Ring Wall Hanging

$25.25  incl. tax 

Personalised Family Reindeer Ring Wall Hanging Version

  • In the centre you can have up to 6 names of your choice.
  • Made for wall hanging(fitting not included)
  • Approx 40cm round
  • 3mm mdf
Another version on a stand is available here  personalised family reindeer ring on stand

Something You Round Disc Gift Tags- Set of 6

Something You Round Disc Gift Tags- Set of 6

$16.50  incl. tax 

Christmas is such a hard time to limit gifts. Our gift tags make it simple. Give one gift for each tag and everyone will be over joyed with their stash.Made from laser cut raw 3mm MDF (wood). Each set comes with something you: Wear Read Do Share Want Need Each tag is a generous 7cm round with a 3mm hole for you to hang your favourite string,ribbon or twine to match your decor

This House In Under ELF Surveillance- ELF ON A SHELF SIGN-CHRISTMAS

$21.95  incl. tax 

  • Is your family/kids elf on a shelf crazy!? This sign is the perfect reminder for your little people that their elf is watching them!
  • Laser cut from 3mm mdf
  • Masuring 40cm in height
  • Raw unpainted

Merry Christmas The “Surname” Wreath V2

$30.80$88.00  incl. tax 

  • Cute Christmas wreath cutomised with your surname
  • Made from 3mm or 6mm MDF, with the option to have either raw MDF,gold glitter coated or silver glitter coated
  • Glitter coating offers a subtle shimmer finish,examples of these three finishes can be seen by the link on our FAQ page. 
  • Sizes and thickness depend on your selection
  • 35cm is 3mm anything larger is 6mm
  • Write your surname exactly as you would like it to appear


$7.70$25.30  incl. tax 

  • 10cm Round Tree Bauble Or 25cm Round Larger Hanger(Great For A Door Hanger)
  • Lasercut From 3mm Mdf