Individual Name Wooden Name Tags

$1.49  incl. tax 

  • Individual laser cut raw wooden (mdf) name tags
  • Measure 8.5 x 3.5cm
  • Perfect as gift tags or place cards
  • One name per tag only, max 8 letters each

Simple Joined Names And Words 6mm Mdf

$8.80$93.50  incl. tax 

  • Joined words and names are measured in width (length). The height of the word will depend on how many letters are in each word or name required.For example if your word has only 3 letters,it will appear taller in height than a word which has 8 letters. Regardless of the amount of letters, your word will measure the size you choose in overall width (length)
  • Lasercut from raw 6mm thick MDF 
  • Be sure to change the QTY to match the amount of words you require
  • Dots on top of i j etc will not be attached or included
  • None of these joined names or words are freestanding, they are suitable for hanging 
  • There is a font selector here for you to preview the font style prior to ordering Font Selector 

Fancy Individual Place Cards-Guest Names

$2.20  incl. tax 

  • Use these 3mm lasercut mdf names on the table or plate at your occasion for table seating.
  • This is not freestanding.
  • A great keepsake for the guests to take home also.
  • Measures 3cm in height-length varies depends on amount of letters
  • Capital is 3cm and lower case letters smaller in proportion.
  • Dots on "i,j" etc are not attached.

Monogram Flourish With Personalised Name

$27.50$85.80  incl. tax 

Monogram Flourish With Personalised Name

  • All letters a-z available
  • Your choice of one name up to 12 characters 
  • Laser Cut from 6mm thick raw MDF
  • Sizes are based on height
  • No symbols including "&" can be used
This product is raw MDF colour only, any additional black images are digital image examples only

Small Individual Name Tags Engraved

$1.65  incl. tax 

  • Cute 'Tag' with one hole, suitable for you to tie to your desired item
  • One name per tag only for this listing
  • Select your shape/size and text style,see images for examples
  • Tag will have just one name- no other text

Customised Two Word Wooden Ring-Various Sizes

$32.95$104.50  incl. tax 

  • 3mm raw laser cut mdf for 30,40 & 50cm sizes and 6mm raw mdf for 60 & 80cm sizes
  • Set font style only as shown in image
  • Any 2-3 words only,eg: "Mels Hens" or girls night out"  The font used on this item is corinthia font only- View how your font will look here prior to ordering, we will not be responsible for you disliking the font as we offer the preview- Preview

Small Custom Multi Word Tags Engraved

$2.20  incl. tax 

  • Cute 'Tag' with one hole, suitable for you to tie to your desired item
  • Choose from style 1,2 or 3-Fonts as shown in images will be used on each product as shown as per the image
  • Rectangle is 4cm x 2cm and scalloped edge round is 4cm

Personalised Wooden Ring With Name- Various Sizes

$27.50$93.50  incl. tax 

  • 3mm for 30,40 & 50cm and 60& 80cm are 6mm raw laser cut MDF 
  • Set font style only-one name only for this item
  • This is ballerina font, please preview the name on our font selector prior to ordering so you can see the name your ordering in this font as we will not refund or replace this item if you do not like the font. FONT PREVIEW

Personalised Dream Catcher

$33.00$82.50  incl. tax 

  • Name will be in all capitals
  • Comes as one solid piece
  • Size is Based on overall height of the Dream Catcher
  • Made from 6mm raw MDF

Photo Props/Booth Props

$6.60  incl. tax 

  • Check out these cool photo booth props
  • Available in a range of styles/sayings/shapes
  • These are a great addition to our Polaroid look photo booth
  • These vary in size but are all large enough for adults to use! Actual sticks are approx 1-1.5cm wide by roughly 15cm long
  • Made from 3mm mdf-raw


Multi Hoop Two Word Raw MDF

$35.20$96.80  incl. tax 

  • Multi Hoops Design
  • They make the perfect home decor item,gift or even a great feature backdrop for a wedding,birthday or any other event.
  • Made from lasercut 3mm or 6mm thickness  RAW MDF
  • Available in 30,40 or 50cm 3mm or 60 and 80cm 6mm
  • Two words can be placed in this hoop with either an & symbol between the two words or just the two words alone. Example: Baby Green or Tash & Nathan Other hoops can be found here including Mr & Mrs,single word hoops and also single hoops (which are not the multi hoop design) All hoops
  • Set font styles only as shown in images- be sure to check you like the style of the letters in the images prior to ordering

Personalised Double Heart Drop Box with name set-Guest Book alternative

$148.50  incl. tax 

Gorgeous idea for a guest book alternative. Simply have your guests sign a heart and drop it in for long lasting memories.

  • Personalised with either one full name(eg first and last name) or two first names in the format of "name&name" or Mr & Mrs surname
  • Comes with 100 3.5cm hearts or 150 3cm hearts
  • Laser cut from a mix of 3 & 6mm MDF (wood)
  • Measures approx 60cm wide x 40cm tall Please read full description below before ordering

Polaroid Look Photo Prop

$44.00$76.95  incl. tax 

  • "Polaroid"  looking frame
  • Great for use as a photo prop for weddings or birthdays
  • Comes raw unpainted with your choice of up to 3 names/words
  • Available in two sizes
  • Approx. 62 cm tall x 52cm wide or approx. 1mtre tall x 82cm wide
  • Names come separately unattached for you to glue on
  • Frame is made from 6mm mdf (wood)
  • Names and date from 3mm mdf (wood)
  • Main image shown is the XL version
  • Checkout our props here which make a great addition to this frame Photo Props

Modern Font Stick Table Numbers-Wording

$4.40  incl. tax 

  • Lasercut from raw 3mmm mdf
  • Measures approx 22cm in height
  • Use the box to write which table numbers you are needing and be sure to change to quantity to correctly show the amount you are needing

Single Heart Drop Box And Name Set On Stand

$121.00$137.50  incl. tax 

  • Single heart drop box on a stand with engraved centre heart and also two names or Mr & Mrs surname which slot into the stand in front of the drop box
  • Have your guests sign a heart and drop it in your frame for lasting memories
  • Made from raw 3 & 6mm MDF- laser cut-raw. With Perspex front
  • Measures approx 40cm both wide and tall. Comes with a slot in stand Read more below

Personalised Chocolate or Mini Cupcake Stand

$71.50$88.00  incl. tax 

Imagine this beauty jam packed with chocolates or mini cupcakes as a feature piece as your event!

  • Double side to fit even more yumminess
  • Measures a massive 65cm wide x 56cm tall and holds well over 100 chocolates     (tested with ferrero rochers-not included)
  • Each gap is 5.6cm tall in between shelves
  • Laser cut from raw 6mm mdf and slots together. Pieces slide into each other (new design!) No glue is required however you may like to for added stability if you choose. Includes instructions as to which piece goes where however it is quiet simple.

Drop Box (Guest Book Alternative)

$82.50$110.00  incl. tax 

  • Very in demand right now are the popular guest book alternative
  • Have your guests sign  the little heart pieces and drop it into the slot on the top of your frame
  • Comes with engraved centre heart already fixed in place
  • Looks great displayed on an easel Please read below for full details

Small Thank you Tags Engraved

$1.38  incl. tax 

  • Cute 'Tag' with one holes, suitable for you to tie to your desired item
  • Rectangle measures 4cm x 2cm and round fancy edge shape measures 4cm round
  • This listing comes with the words Thank You engraved only

90cm Wide Wall Hanging Names

$77.00  incl. tax 

  • Huge 90cm wide single names/words
  • Set font style as shown in images-all letters are shown in images
  • Set width of 90cm and heights vary with the amount of letters
  • Examples of names with different characters are in images
  • Made from laser cut raw 6mm thickness MDF (wood)
  • Suitable to paint and decorate as you choose or leave raw
  • No symbols or characters allowed on this listing
You can see more joined names/words in various sizes and fonts here: Simple Joined Names And Words 6mm Mdf

Fancy Font Stick Table Numbers – Wording

$4.40  incl. tax 

  • Laser cut from raw 3mm MDF
  • Measures approx 22cm in height- not freestanding
  • Use the box to write which tale numbers you are needing and be sure to change the quantity to correctly show the amount you are needing

Happy Eid or Eid Mubarak Circle – single

$11.00  incl. tax 

  • Happy Eid or Eid Mubarak Ring- measures 30cm in diameter
  • Laser cut from raw 3mm MDF
  • One only
  • Add a stand for an additional fee, the stand will be cut from 6mm mdf for stability

Heart Stick Table Numbers

$4.18  incl. tax 

  • Heart stick table numbers (sold individually)
  • All numbers available- you must write the numbers you’re needing in the field below and check that your quantity is adjusted to match this amount
  • Made from raw laserut 3mm mdf
  • Measures approx 12cm wide x 26cm tall overall

Modern Stick Table Numbers On Stand-6mm

$7.70  incl. tax 

  • Modern style font, worded table numbers
  • Made from raw 6mm MDF-  Available in numbers 1-10 only
  • Measure between 20-30cm in width and approx 30cm in height
  • Comes with a slot in base,which will require gluing in for stability

Gold Or Silver Mirrored Acrylic Name Rings

Gold Or Silver Mirrored Acrylic Name Rings

$55.00$93.50  incl. tax 

  • Choose from gold or silver mirrored acrylic (3mm) with up to 2 names or words inside
  • Various sizes available in 30-50cm-Ballerina font, view font preview here: Font Selector
  • Please note mirror acrylic may have some splintering effect from the laser cutter around the edges of the design occasionally