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Order Status meanings 


This means your order has been successfully placed and will be dispatched from us with in the specified time frame given on our website when ordering. The days start from the day after you order and do not include weekends. This means your order is in queue and is being designed ready to be cut and sent out. If your order is successful, you will receive an email with an order summary confirming we have received your order. Please check your junk/spam emails also.


We have designed,cut and packed your order and have it ready to ship. It will leave us this same day or the following business day. You will receive an email from us letting you know it is completed followed by an email from the shipping company with tracking details providing you have chosen a shipping method with tracking.

*Pending payment

Sometimes your bank or other financial institution takes some time to let us know your payment is accepted and your order to come through to us as processing. While this is happening,we do not see your order on our end! If your order remaining as payment pending for longer than 24hrs, it is a good idea to give us a call and check up to make sure we have received it.


The only time an order is cancelled is if you have not completed checkout correctly or you have asked us to cancel your order. If you think your order should not be cancelled,please call us.


Your payment has declined.